It’s the Saved By the Bell Halloween Dance

Twilight themed.

Reader submission by morebadbookcovers
Uncle Walter cannot verify ownership of submissions, but he’ll take your word for it.

Midnight Secrets Volume II — Wolff Ryp

The evolution of untreated head lice…

The wars were the worst.

The Sand Castles — Louis Montague

There’s a warm spring around here. Some people skinny-dip there.

This is lukewarm at best. They should call it a tepid spring.

The Boy Came Back — Charles H. Knickerbocker

Tactical wedding gear…

For when you really, really need a human shield. 

Love and Splendor — Patricia Hagan

Men’s and Women’s fashions to fit any form.

Everything from Twig-Legs to Reverse Popeye.

Ceremony of the Innocent — Taylor Caldwell

Never piss off a peacock…

The retribution will be swift, severe, and splashy.

And those stains never come out.

Only in the Moonlight — Vicki Lewis Thompson

Strip Marco Polo

For those who are really into water sports.

Gamemaster — Stephanie James

He’s not actually a stranger, she just doesn’t remember him.

From all of those concussions because of riding without a helmet.

A dangerous man to love, indeed. 

Emily and the Stranger — Beverly Barton

Never ask a man to choose between you or his dog. You won’t win.

That dog’s looking forward to playing “fetch.”

Kissed By an Angel — Kathy Clark

It’s a net and it’s tiny

A tiny net is a death sentence!

Dreamcatcher — Dinah McCall

Those who are bored with killing are bored with life.

He’s got a serious case of ennui.

The Bored Bridegroom — Barbara Cartland

We hear they’re making an historical reboot of Golden Girls…

It will not be good.

Twin Passions — Miriam Minger

In other news, water is wet.

Romance novels can teach us so much.

The Night is Dark — Joanna Mansell

Behind every aging business man, there is a young woman.

Twice his size silently judging his atrocious taste in suits.

Mask of Scars — Anne Mather

What an awful baby-seal-skin dress.

No, wait. It’s worse.

No, wait. It’s worse.

That’s crushed velvet. *shudder*

Honkey-Tonk Cinderella — Karen Templeton