We may not know what “real” cowboys are SUPPOSED to look like…

But we’re pretty sure this isn’t it.

Real Cowboys — Roz Denny Fox

Someone’s been hitting the bottle really hard

Scan_20140416 (22) - Edited

The bottle of colloidal silver, that is.

Obsession — Katherine Sutcliffe

It’s the Moon Signal!

Scan_20140416 (35) - Edited

He’ll save the day, but you kind of have to be prepared to see a lot of butt.

Bloodfever — Karen Marie Moning

Awkward fumbling in the dark

Scan_20140416 (16) - Edited

Totally romantic.

Gideon — Jacquelyn Frank

Sure, the economy’s not great, but there’s gotta be better jobs.

Scan_20140416 (11) - Edited

Besides, having tiny people clean your junk for you is pretty lazy.

Undertow — Cherry Adair

When bad Photoshop attacks!


Squishy-headed cat edition.

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging — Louise Rennison

This is why we can’t have nice things

Scan_20140414 (24)

No one likes Dark Phoenix.

Firelight — Kristen Callihan

It’s all downhill from here.

Scan_20140323 (14) - Edited


The Master’s Touch — Lynda Trent

Amazon women in the mood

Scan_20140303 (27) (1)

Watch out for leeches!

Island Enchantress — Joyce Myrus

See those eyebrows? Those are his serious eyebrows.

Scan_20140331 (37)

Someone’s getting shot and it’s not going to be him.

The Mysterious Maid-Servant — Barbara Cartland

The difference between a verb and a noun.

Scan_20140331 (9)

The verb involves more sex and fewer trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Bedding the Baron — Deborah Raleigh

There’s something familiar about this cover…


We just can’t quite put our fingers on it.

Portrait of a Scandal — Annie Burrows

We’re seeing. Still working on believing.

Scan_20140406 (21)

Why is perspective so hard???

Seeing is Believing — Erin McCarthy