Title seems prophetic. Answer is apparently “fighting over some girl.”

Scan_20140331 (50)

She’s rooting for scrawny dude over the dude with the big butt.

Bonus back cover blurb:

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The Way Some People Die — John Ross Macdonald

The birth of a racist cover

Scan_20140331 (52)

Didn’t even have to push much. It just came right out. 

Steal the Flame — Joanne Redd

Commemorative Locket

With only one kiss 2

So you’ll always remember your first strangulation.

With Only One Kiss — Sonya T. Pelton

Awkward Morning After

Scan_20140325 (34)

Trying to determine if dead or just sleeping.

It may be time to quit meth.

The Damned — John D. MacDonald

Without warning a 20 Hz infrasonic resonance frequency strikes

Scan_20140322 (58) - Edited

And another romance cover is ruined.

A Matter of Time — Terri Brisbin

She could look past the classic Star Trek side burns

Cousin kate

But you lost her with the ruffled shirt.

Cousin Kate — Georgette Heyer

That moment when you fully realize…

Scan_20140322 (47) - Edited

You’ve made some poor life choices.

Like that mullet.

The Coming Home Place — Mary Spencer

Well, he’s lying, there’s no doubt about that.

Scan_20140302 (3) - Edited

I’m afraid your punishment will be four hours in the snake pit. Maybe that will give you some time to think about what you’ve done.

The Man Next Door — Ellen James

Ow! Fire hot!

Scan_20140325 (39)

Ahh! Fire indeed hot!

The Hot Fire — James McKimmey

Little person. Big neck.

Scan_20140313 (15) - Edited (1)

Formal muumuu.

Starlight Embrace — Patricia Werner

theahole said: I’ve only seen one thing more blatant than that.

What, did someone just flat out put a vagina on a cover?

The flower is a metaphor

Scan_20140322 (48) - Edited

A very blatant and distinct metaphor.

Clearly spelled out in case it wasn’t otherwise obvious.

Golden Lotus — Janet Louise Roberts

She had several big reasons to be reluctant.

Scan_20140322 (41) - Edited

And one very small one.

The Reluctant Bride — Leigh Greenwood

P.S. The price-sticker residue by her mouth means we could have taken this in a much dirtier direction, but that would have been misleading.

Someone can’t take a hint.

Scan_20140313 (13) - Edited

Someone can’t take a full-on, in-your-face, “get the fuck out of here” either.

Not Quite an Angel — Bobby Hutchinson

Oh, great. Just great.

Scan_20140313 (16) - Edited

Now the horse is traumatized.

Charlie and the Angel — Lori Handeland