That explains Oz…

Cousin kate

It wasn’t a dream, it was a bad acid trip.

Cousin Kate — Georgette Heyer

He’ll have his PUA degree in only 5 weeks…

Screenshot (2)

The cattle won’t know what hit ‘em.

Learning to Love — Amelia Rose

Where’s Chris Martin when you need him?

Photo (17)

Oh, forget it. Just put the hat in front of their faces.

Kissed by a Cowboy — Lacy Williams

If he somehow manages not to die THIS time…


He’ll probably just shoot his dick off.

Dead Again — Tracy Cooper-Posey

elizabethplaid said: I don’t think “wrong brother” and “right man” should go together in a sentence like that.

Did you ever see Walk Hard? When I saw the tagline, all I could think was “Wrong brother died!”

elizabethplaid said: Ahhh good ol’ illustrations. So much better than photoshop.

I like the painted/illustrated covers the best. Because it’s way too easy to accidentally screw up in photoshop. But it takes talent to mess people up when drawing/painting them by hand. 

Cowboys are always in high demand in the world of sex-trafficking…

Kidnapped Cowboy Cover

It’s a niche market with high return on investments.

Kidnapped Cowboy — Lindsey Brookes

Down time during the zombie apocalypse…

Scan_20140331 (10)

He liked her for her brains.

Emerald Fire — Julia Grice

Looks like you need some Vitamin D.


The “D” is his penis.

Prescribed — D.D. Parker

scarabattoli said: I love how the rowdy cowbody always find time to shave every single centimetre of his body.

Of course he does — the horses have enough hair on their own. He’s just trying to be considerate.

This is still legal in, like, 15 states.


But we still don’t want to read about it.

Rancher Romance Series Trilogy — Amelia Rosa

Try not to land on anyone with angry, vengeful relatives.

Scan_20140325 (38)

And for God’s sake, if you’re offered a pair of shoes, don’t take them. 

Murder in the Wind — John D. Macdonald

They were unable to capture the elusive sound of a weeping vulva


An omni-directional microphone could have saved them a lot of unnecessary pubic taunting and achieved a successful first take.

Sweet Renegade — Andria Large

He’s not sick…


He’s just a little horse.

Breaking the Bad Boy — Vanessa Lennox

Quality often decreases as the number of sequels increases.

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Liam Neeson isn’t even in this one. Which is okay by us. We really don’t want to see that.

Taken — Selena Kitt